Pink Slips and Glass Slippers

The book for review is “Pink Slips and Glass Slippers” by J.P. Hansen

The genre of this novel is romance with a mixture of business. This novel has all the components of the genre.

Your main characters are Chase CEO of the business that now employs Brooke whose company just got bought out by her present employer.

Every thing is about appearance even when underneath every thing is crumbling. Chase is married and has a four-year old boy unknown to Brooke. She can’t help but be attracted to the young executive. Soon they act upon it. Not until their relationship becomes know to the company is Brooke given the pink slip and loses her job.

Refusing to take any of his calls Brooke moves forward trying to live her life. One that has seen the death of her husband and her baby.

I tend to read romance books once every 5-10 years for I can only take so much of them. But this one was very clever. It played on the man, a Duke fan and the girl who is a  Tar Heel fan. As someone who now lives in NC and is a huge Duke follower I got the jars and kidding between the two, I loved it. The author even reference the rivalry between the two as being similar to the Red Sox vs the Yankees. As a New Englander who has lived through that and still does it brought a smile to my face. The way the book was written got you engrossed in the book, even someone who does not read this genre as a whole.

It just gets better considering the author is a man. This just goes to show you can not judge a book by it’s cover for Hansen did an amazing job.

This book was received for free in exchange for an honest review.

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