Riley Banks

Vampire Origins-The Strigoi Book 1” by Riley Banks

Genre: YA Paranormal and aimed at the upper teens from 15-18. The story begins with our main character Scarlett as her family moves to Romania for a new job opportunity for her father. It is a huge family with Scarlett being the only girl of quads at the age of 17 and their baby sister Ruby who is five. Their mother died after giving birth to Ruby. While Romania is known with the history of vampires no one believes they do exist. As the siblings make friends with the people around them their father starts to work for a man by the name of Vlad. Things start to get interesting as the supernatural stories of their youths are being played out behind the scenes in real life.

The older children sense things are not as they should be they could not possible imagine what is the truth behind the many lies that is being told too them.  Vlad for instance is a vampire an old one at that who plans to run the world. His family are told to stay away from the humans to not bite or turn them. The answer is simple. He needs Scarlett and Ruby if needed to complete his plans. While Vlad needs Scarlett she is also the only one who can kill Vlad if she is taught how to do so. But it is not only vampires that exist around this family.

Intertwine in this story is romance between the quads and who they are puppy eyed over. No one is safe and the family best be careful o who they trust if they can trust anyone.

The pace of this book was really good. With the cast of characters being long I did not get confused. The characters were developed well. This book is not for those who are not into the supernatural. It is also not for those who rather not read about teenager and their sexual encounters for this is a presence in this book. If you have no problem with either then you will enjoy this book and how it is woven together.

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