The book up for review is “ Everville” by Roy Huff. The genre is YA but is appropriate for all ages. It fits in the category of sci-fi fantasy with an emphasis on fantasy.


First of all I want to say I am always impressed with how authors can create new worlds and characters in this genre.

The main character is Owen who is a freshman in college. The novel starts off with him having a dream of a new world. But it is not a dream it is a place called Everville. Owen can transplant himself there by thinking on the location. A place that is run by Keepers and inhabited by Frons. A race that is peace-loving, kind and willing to help others. But there is a problem, Them. A group that is determined to take over all of Everville. A breach has been created and it must be closed. Owen with the help of his best friends, Anika and Dante, help the Keeper to obtain this goal. It does not help that Them transports anyone who does not help them to a place called The Other In Between. Here numerous Frons are placed moving around aimlessly like dull drones. They no longer have the traits that make them Frons. The trio must save this world before it is destroyed and hence reaches out to their world as well.

I really enjoyed this book. This genre is not usually my thing and it has to grab me from the beginning for me to keep on reading it. This one did. The flow was amazing the pages flew by and before I knew it I was done the book. Bravo.

This author will be having a 5 day Kindle promo on Amazon for it from midnight pacific Sunday 5/12/13 through 11:59pm Thursday 5/16/13.

This book was received for free by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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