“Is College Worth It?”

The book for review is “Is College Worth It?” by William J. Bennett. It falls in the genre of general and political science

The author dives into the cost of going to college in this day and age. How the cost of rising tuitions is related to the higher debts students are incurring. When a student graduates, if they do, the odds of finding work in our present economy is not as readily available as it use to be.  It’s also not as it has been promised by the institution that recruited them. The higher tuitions go the more money is available for students to get on loans to accommodate the cost of going to college.

Even if they do graduate the price of paying back the loan, which is six months after they walk across the stage, dips into their way of life for the monthly payments is so huge it takes away most of their paycheck.

This is not a quick read at all. There are numerous stats to support the facts the author writes about. There were some pages it got overwhelming with the statistics that were being tossed out to the reader. It is however very informative if you have a child or will have a child in college. As a college graduate I to got burden with school loans to pay off but in the 1980’s colleges had not reached the all time high of tuition fees like it has now.

This book will infuriate you at the business side of colleges and banks as this book reaches in and explains what is going on behind the scenes that you might not know off. This is an interesting book to pick up.

This book was received for free in exchange for two honest reviews.

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