“Cruel Sister’ by David Conway

The book surrounds the Ryan family who is run by the father Connor. He was born into a poor immigrant family but yet managed to build his company into a formidable business. Deciding it is time to pass on the business he has to decide between his oldest daughter Branna versus his youngest daughter Niamh. The job goes to Branna.

Niamh feels she has just as much right to the throne as her sister does. Confronting her father Niamh brings a proposal to him. That being she would take over a run down company that is under the umbrella of Fayne Corporation the one her father built to such great heights. She informs her dad she will not only turn it around but increase the value tenfolds in one year. If she is successful she will replace her sister as CEO of the company. Her father agrees. The story takes off from here as it dives into a year-long venture of Niamh trying her best to keep the commitment she has made with her father.

I did not like the main character. But that is okay for she worked well with the plot line. However I found it hard to believe that someone her age and with no experience could pull off what she did. She had a lot of good people helping her and everything seem to go her way. There was pitfalls in her personal life and that worked well I just wish some big dip in the business world would have been included. Someone else can read this book and be happy with how the dip worked for the business. This is just a personal opinion I have.

The pace was amazing, it flowed well. However as I got to the last 10 pages I was thinking oh boy how will this end which was sudden. I did not like it. I wanted more. Even with the length of this book I wanted to read more a testament of the writing in this book.

I do give this book a four star rating. It covered all that is needed in a book to keep the reading turning the pages.

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