“Bound Together”

Today’s book review is “ Bound Together” by Chris Brauns


This book falls into the genre of religion, Christian life and personal growth.  The basis of this book is how we are all interconnected to each other by the good and bad choices we make. Mr. Brauns calls it the principle of the rope. While a lot of us feel that our choices is what propel us to where we end up whether that be good or bad. But our decisions do impact the people around whether we think about it or not.

The very first example comes from the original sin. Which is when Adam and Eve ate of the apple which caused them to be casted out of the Garden of Eden. As Christians we been dealing with that from day one. The book continues as it mentions how not every one is willing to believe that the rope is real.

The book is divided into two sections. The first is understanding the idea of the rope. The second section is how to apply it to our lives. There are a lot of reference to the Bible and scriptures for us to dive into to better help us the principles of the rope.

This was a hard book for me to review for even though I know the author was knowledgeable with this material it could have been written a little more for the layman who happens to pick up this book.

I do like the concept or over all theme of this book. However there were several times I had to reread sentences and whole paragraphs that lost me. This book is very in-depth and deep. It is not an easy sit down and read in one or two sitting kind of book. At least it was not for me. I am sure I miss some of the points the author was trying to convey to the readers.

I received this book for free in exchange for two honest opinions

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