The book for review is “Domination” by Jon S. Lewis. This novel falls in the genre of juvenile fiction, science fiction and general and is third in this series.

The premise is Earth is getting ready for a future attack from invaders named the Thule. Our hero is a 16-year-old boy named Colt who is a cadet at the CHAOS Military Academy where he is training with others to protect Earth from the aliens. What makes him special is simple. Colt is part Thule a fact that is mentioned through the book. But he became this way via the government who were trying to come up with a weapon of their own.

Everyone knows he is special even the Thule has heard of him. The book dives into the preparations that the cadets go through. However their training is interrupted when the Thule preempt their attack sooner than the cadets had expected.

I have read the first in this series but not the second. But you could have started with this volume and not be lost. Enough background is given to where you are caught up but not too much that you get overpowered by it.

The book is a good quick read you are not bogged down by too much sci-fi mumbo jumbo that can slow a reader down. Some aspects of the book was brought up but not fully expanded on and would have loved to see what happened on those occasions.

I did not quite like the ending. It felt that loose ends were being tied up quickly to finish the book. However I would recommend the book if you just want to sit down and enjoy a reading of a good book

This book was received for free from BookSneeze in exchange for two honest reviews.

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