Love No Matter What

The book for review is ‘Love No Matter What” by Brenda Garrison

This novel falls into the genre of family and relationships, parenting and general.

What you will find inside are ways to love your child no matter what. Let’s face it
being a parent is not easy and our kids do not always follow the pattern we have in mind for them.

The author’s daughter who is mentioned throughout the book and on certain occasions we hear her side of what was going on depending on the topic of the chapter. The book doves into a lot of emotions that can occurred when dealing with our child. This can be from the decisions they make that we don’t agree with. How this world is not all about you as a parent but your child and family as well.

One of the chapters I liked was labelled, “What in the World Am I Doing Wrong?” I believe a lot of moms can relate to that. How we need to let go and let our kids fly. It does not mean we approve of what they are doing but to still love them to let them know you are there for them. The book is sprinkled with personal stories from a variety of families and the problems they came across. At the end of the book the author mentions where they are now and what happened. I did like that for we do get curious as readers to know the ending of books like this.

At the end it has questions and reflections that we can go over ourselves to see where we are in our lives with our family and children.

The book seemed to drag a little. This may be because there was a lot of suggestions being tossed at us. It was a book I had to put down a couple of chapters at a time. It does not take away from the book but for me it was not one I could read in a day or two due to the content

As a parent I felt a lot of what was being said and have already used one of the suggestions toward my son. It worked and I am grateful for that.

This book was received for free in exchange for two honest reviews from BookSneeze

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