“A Dream So Big”

The book for review is “ A Dream So Big” by Steve Peifer with Gregg Lewis.

This novel falls into the genre of biography, autobiography and personal memoirs

Be prepared to be humble when you read this book. Over the last few weeks and months I have been praying to the Lord to share with me other things I needed to be grateful for. Then this book arrived in my mailbox. It was not a book I requested but was chosen for me from a group to review. I will say this was his way of saying here, be humble.

This book is the story of Steve Peifer who use to work for a corporation and oversaw numerous consultants in the field of computers.  Life was good for his family of two boys and wife until Nancy gives birth to their youngest Stephen. Tragedy hits when the young baby is diagnosed with a condition that will shorten his live massively. Within days of his birth he dies.

Trying to get their lives back in order they embark on becoming missionaries in Kenya. Uprooting their young sons they trek after much preparations to become dorm parents to a group of young boys at a school. They decided a year would be enough to do the work of the Lord.

They were incredibly wrong as they came across a kind of poverty that would overwhelm even the seasoned missionary. What this family from Texas discovered was droughts, hunger, casualties of war and pain on a level that will bring anyone to tears.

Join the family as the book dives into their experiences and what they learned. Something that was never expected and yet much appreciated and loved.


This book will be released March 19, 2013



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