“The Sky Beneath My Feet”

The book for review is  “The Sky Beneath My Feet” by Lisa Samson.

It falls into the genre of fiction,Christian and general.

The main character is Beth who is married with two sons. Her husband Rick who is a men’s pastor at their church gets offered a new job. The family would have to move but it would mean Rick would be in charge the head honcho.

Rick’s way to figure out if he wants to take the job or not is to take up camp in their shed in the back yard and lock himself from all that he knows. This includes the church, the outside world and his own family. This leave Beth and her two boys wondering and leaving his wife to pick up the pieces and deal with what is thrown at her. Rick has shut them out mentally and emotional as he holds up trying to decide.

Through this all Beth goes through many emotions from feeling of frustration, anger and abandonment.

Beth is a Christian woman who holds her family together the best she knows how through the trials of life and two teenage boys who bring enough headaches to the table.

Throughout the book the reader is left to wonder what is going on with Rick and how long will Beth put up with this.

When he finally comes out I must admit I was not happy with how easily Beth forgave him for putting her through this. The reason we are given is Rick never says he is sorry and since he did say this to her she can forgive him for a lot of what he has done. That just does not wash with me. I like Beth but what I did not like is how her family treated her. Typical teenagers perhaps we all know at some stage they frustrate parents to all ends of the earth. Still the ending left me feeling blah. Rick was not likable at all for me. And that is ok for we are not always meant to like all the characters in a book.

I wish there was a way to give a half star for while I can’t give this book a four I feel it is higher than a three.

This book was received for free in exchanged for two honest opinions.

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