The book for review is “Excelsior” by George Sirois.

The genre is Young Adult / Science-Fiction and the age group is MG-High School.

Fantasy is really not my cup of tea when it comes to reading. This is mostly due to the new cultures, languages and species that can get confusing if not done right. However this is not the case here. The amazing way Mr. Sirois has created a new world and interweaves it with Earth not only got me interested by the first few pages it did not get me lost in translation. Trust me folks this is a huge kudo to the author. It was well laid out and it flowed as sweet as honey. He got me and got me good with this book that was hard to put down.

Matt is the main character, a young man in high school on Earth who in his spare time writes about an unknown world. He can’t help it as the thoughts and visions fill his mind constantly. Matthew never once anticipated that what he is putting down is a world that does exist but in the galaxy far away.

It only gets more complicated when the characters in his stories appear in form before him. They are here to seek his help to save their world for hidden inside Matthew is a long dead hero waiting to come out..

The plot was amazing as the character development just enhanced this book, I am ready for the next book in this series.

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