“More Than A Bucket List”

The review for today is “More Than A Bucket List” by Toni Birdsong

Every one is familiar with the term Bucket List. On there you place things you want to do in life before you die. This little book is just that. It mentions out of the mind amazing things to try to things you can do in your own own. This is good for I honest wondering how in heck did the author expect us to pay for some of the suggestions listed.

But it is not about following a list that someone has placed in a book. Anyone can do that. The point of the book was to get out and do something, try something new, don’t just sit around doing nothing. As the author mentioned we tend to lose sight of things once we get married, have kids and settle down and life takes over. The chance of getting into a rut is very real.

Even if you can’t make a fancy list of things to do, places to visit you can still make a bucket list that suits you. That is my take. But there is a bit of spirituality mixed in with the many lists located here. There are passages listed for us to check out to help us with our own journey. In there we find that we are not alone.

If anything can be learned from this book I would say is rather simple.

Do something.
Do something different
Do something outside your comfort zone even if you fail.
Just do.
This book was received for free in exchange for two honest reviews.

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