Torn Together

“Torn Together” by Emlyn Chand is a break from her other current books. This genre is fiction and the age group is 16 and up.Our main character is a young woman by the name of Daly who lives with her mother. Her father passed a few years ago and ever since the relationship between mother and daughter has been tensed. They both have forgotten the art of communication as they go about their lives pass each other in their homeDaly is an artist, an amazing one at that and needs to apply for a scholarship. The reason being her mother, Laine, refuses to pay for her college in a field she considers a waste of time. It does not help that Daly’s boyfriend has moved on with another woman without telling her. It is when Laine brings home a young girl Meghann to give her a lesson how to cook that Daly wonders why her mother has compassion for this young woman but not for her own daughter. Soon Meghann is thrust upon her and soon the girls bond and become best friends. Meghann ends up being the go between the two.But that is not where it ends. On fate Daly comes across a pharmacist by the name of Kashi, a native of India, that her world truly changes. Why on fate? Because he says so.  The ending will totally throw you for a loop. But once I calmed down at Emlyn I realized this is how it was supposed to end, it completed the circle of life.This is a really good read for people who want to experience a range of emotions when reading a novel. You will go from being happy, sad, to angry and return back to happy again. It is a treat of a book and one that you will enjoy.

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