“20,000 Days And Counting”

The book up for review is “ 20,000 Days And Counting” by Robert D. Smith.

This book falls into the category of self-help,personal growth and general.

When I requested this book it was noted that it can be read in one hour. They were right. The author one day realized he had been alive 20,000 days. He ponders on what he had done in that amount of time. He decides to plan the next 20,000 days of his life to maximize his full potential.

The book is divided into three sections

Section 1:The 20,000 -Day Mind-Set. It doves into how Robert came up with the concept of 20,000 days. It is about changing the mind-set. We are not thinking of how many years we have left or have lived but instead count the days. Each day we are to live our lives like it is our last. Learn to accept your mortality, cause folks it is happening. Once we can do that, the burden of it is no longer with us.

Section 2:Beating The Clock-Motivation is a myth. It is difficult to get people going and to improve productivity, Do the opposite. Increase one’s productivity and the motivation will happen. . It comes down to choices and options which boils down to yes or no. When you think of all the decisions that one makes in a day that basically sums it up. Do what you know. That alone will amaze you.

Section 3:Today Is Day One-The day to get your life into gear. This section has questions to ask yourself to see if you are ready. Are you prepared to change your life?

The sections have quotes from various people who home in on the topic you are about to read.

I generally liked this book. The fact it was a quick read was huge. I also like how it was not your typical self-help book. I was not being preached at but instead shown ways how I can improve my life and the things around it.

This book was received for free in exchange for two honest reviews.

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