“Chocolate-Covered Baloney”

The book up for review is “Chocolate-Covered Baloney(The Confessions of April Grace” by KD McCrite.

It revolves around the main character April Grace who lives with her youngest baby brother Eli, her oldest sister Myra and their parents. The setting is in the 80ties so there is a lot of reference to that time frame, a period I did enjoy thoroughly. She is a curious child with an active imagination. When she sees her older sister standing by the mailbox one evening and place something inside her brain takes off with the possibilities what Myra could possibly be doing. That gets put to the side when her mother’s mom appears out of nowhere having abandoned her daughter not once but twice many years ago. No one makes this woman feel quite at home as she tries to blend in with the household. If that was not enough her sister Myra is acting more secretive than usually staying in her room and keeping to herself. The plot thickens when April has to move into her sister’s room so the new grandmother can sleep in her own room. April starts to snoop even more so for the opportunity is right before her eyes.

This book was a bit lukewarm to me. I have not read the previous books to this series so am not sure if there is information in the others that I need to know prior to reading this one. I did not like the fact that April Grace addressed most of the adults in the book by their first name. That did turn me off a bit. The girl and her dialogue seemed a bit older than she actually was. Her personality was a little too much in some cases where she acted like an adult and got away with it in her speaking and actions. Again not having read the previous books this might have been already established.

The book was decent and a good read but I feel I missed out on not reading the previous ones in this series.

I received this book for free in exchange for two honest opinions.

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