“A Price for Love: Ariel’s Cottage”

Today’s review is “A Price for Love: Ariel’s Cottage” by Judith Victoria Douglas.

Ariel lives in a seclude area outside of town. She is an author with a secret pass. One that has changed her to who she is now which is alone, secretive, not very trusting and scared. A secret that caused her to leave her family and all she knows to where she lives now. Ariel is in the Witness Protective Program.

But that does not stop her from exploring the variety of delivery men who come to her door. It can be research for her book and herself as she intertwines the different sexuality of these men which she writes about.

That is until she meets Danny, a deputy sheriff, who comes to her door to inquire about the puppy she found. There is a drug ring in the area using puppies as drug mules to move their stash.

The interaction between the two heats up when Danny takes a liking to Ariel. Her quiet nature intrigue him and he wants to know more. A budding relationship blossoms and Ariel realizes she has to let go of her pleasures with the other men. All of them except for the 18 year old Jerry who she truly cares about.

The plot thickens when there is evidence that someone has been watching her from the nearby forest that borders her home. Is it the person that caused her all that pain as a child? The same one who caused her to go in the Witness Protection Program?

This is a genre that I don’t read except when an author requests a review from me. What I liked about this book was the flow. It gave me little hiccups as I read it from beginning to end. The descriptions made clear images in my mind and that is a big plus for me. If I can’t imagine it that takes away from the book. It has all the elements that people read it for with the romance, conflict and resolution that is essential for this genre.

The author did a great job, you will not be disappointed.

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2 Responses to “A Price for Love: Ariel’s Cottage”

  1. Gay Ingram says:

    This review helped me to decide whether to read Ariel’s Cottage or not.

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