“What On Earth Am I Here For?”

The book fore review is “ What On Earth Am I Here For?” by Rick Warren.

The genre for this book is in the category of religion, Christian life and spiritual growth.

This book if you want to do it successfully it is suggested you do one chapter a day. During that day one reflects on the message that has been discussed. You do this for 40 days.

The first week it dives into what we are here for. It makes a reader ponder this question more deeply. What drives your life? Where did it start? Have you looked at this from God’s point of view?

The book has five purposes to help shape the reader. It starts with how we are planned for God’s pleasure and what is our relationship is with him. It continues by talking about how we were made for God’s family as we think on our relationship with our community and fellowship with others. You move onto how we were created to become like Christ. In doing so we are changed. From there it discusses how we were shaped for serving God by using the unique gifts each of us has which is designed to serve him and others. The last purpose brings the book to the final point which is how we are all meant to work out with a mission. By sharing our message as we balance it with our lives we try to avoid any potential roadblocks.

This book is like no other I have come across in this genre. In the 42 chapters are video introductions by the author. There is an audio lesson at the end of each chapter where you get more information by Mr. Warren. The reader has access to an online forum and community where you can discuss with other like minded people about one’s experience through this book. If you are really interested in learning what is your purpose and have the time to take 40 days out of your life this is a good place to start. The in depth questions and readings makes you rethink who you are as a person.

This book was received for free in exchange for two honest reviews.


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