“Soul’s Gate”

The book for review is “Soul’s Gate” by James L. Rubart.

This book is in the genre of fiction/Christian/General. It is based on being able to travel inside another person’s soul in the spiritual sense.

Meet Reece Roth the tour guide to a group of three, two men and one woman who will show these different human beings how to go on this magic carpet ride so to speak. His point in doing this? To help the soul’s of many who are fighting inner demons who are attacking them at the core of their beings.

Marcus, Brandon and Dana, the three involved, do not know each other but what they have in common is knowing Reece. You see Reece had done soul jumping before many years ago. But when his wife and daughter died he went into reclusion determine to never practice soul saving again. That was until God draws him out from his quiet life to fulfill a prophecy told to him years ago. In that prophecy four people from across the US were to gather together and fight the evils that has been building up over the decades.

The training while intense is mild in comparison to when they actually invade a person’s soul in order to fight for them. This is not your average run of the mill Christian book. Most talk about good versus evil. But this one goes into a different plane of thinking to fight the battle.

I did enjoy the book for it was a new aspect of writing that had never come across my desk before.

This book was received for free in exchange for two honest reviews.

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