The book up for review is “ Eventually” by Lea Zalas.

I am not a reader of the genre that involves romance of any kind. This book made me take a different look on it. The first page was a hook magnet. It made me want to turn to the next page and for a genre I don’t read as a norm this made me step up and take notice.

The story is about a young girl who is sold by her mother to a sexual predator at the age of 13. Being saved by her father Lexi gets a new lease on life only to find she is pregnant by her attacker. Losing the baby Lexi must learn to love and trust again the people who are now in her life. This includes her biological father, his wife and the big family that comes along with it. It doesn’t help that one of her uncles falls for the young woman.

The flow of this book was wonderful and probably why I was able to read it without reminding myself it was romance. The sweetness of how her uncles treat their niece in her recovery is heart warming.

But her trauma is not over. There is more for this young woman to have to deal with. The delicate way this author handled the tragedy was just enough for the reader to learn what happened without turning us off from the whole experience. I say well done.

Lexi has to learn how to be a normal teenager again and with the help of her family the transformation blossoms. If I did read this genre I would say it had all the elements that are needed for such a book.

For what I paid for I feel I cheated this writer for it well worth more then the .99 price tag that is attached to it.


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