“Don’t Judge A Book By Its Magic”

The book up for review is “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Magic ” By Kate Policani

Having read Kate’s previous book I was excited to get a chance to read her latest one. They say every book needs a hook to draw in your readers and make them  read the novel through. Kate did not accomplish that on the first page. She accomplished it on the first, second, third , fourth and before you knew it the chapter had ended. It has been ages since a book has done this for me. As a beta reader and also a reviewer for BookSneeze this does not come across my desk often.

This book is adult fiction but is appropriate for YA because there is no objectionable content. The main character is 18.  Colleen who is your typical teenager lives in Seattle. Only she is not which is uknown to her. She has magic powers but not your ordinary run of the mill magic tricks that you see witches and wizards do, that is so not in the same realm.

Finding a book in a near by library transforms her life as she knows it. But not only that the people who are like her have taken noticed. You see Collen is one of a kind. One with powers who has lived in the real world as a Skupdyn which is a nonmagical person. Her adventures begins to unfold as she is enrolled in a college with like minded students.

I am so glad Kate has placed in the beginning a Glossary of Terms in the front of the book. It was a huge help for me to refer to so I could make sure I was getting things right.

A great read, it does not take long to finish and another fine piece of writing by Kate.

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4 Responses to “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Magic”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful review! I’m getting a little teary!

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