“Tree and Sky”

The book for review is TREE and SKY: An Introduction to The Secrets of Meshyah’s World  by Judith Victoria Douglas.  It’s the author’s first children’s book.  It is geared toward children in grades  3-5. The genre is Science Fiction/Fantasy.

The setting for this novel is in the future.  The main characters and their families live at the bottom of the world on the planet’s largest continent, Antarctica, at a time when much of the ice has melted. The people now live under megadomes as protection due to the drastic climate change after a massive solar flare hit Earth. It forever changed how people view and live their lives.

Meshyah’s, know as Shy, along with her friends Jazz and Ozzie learns in school and from their parents about how they came to live under their great dome and what the Earth was like in the Before Times. The book gives details on how the community manages and how every one is important to its survival.   

The novel contains the children’s first three stories in Shy’s journal.  The Tree on My House tells of a mysterious plant that grows into a great and wonderful tree. The Day the Sky Fell recalls events surrounding the lose of one of the mighty cables which form their megadome.  Under the Honeycomb Sky has many experiences under the dome and Sky’s twelfth birthday party. It tells a little of the children’s hope to send Shy’s five-year journal back in time, when completed, as a warning for the future.   

The first story starts on Shy’s tenth birthday. The other two follow each following year.  For her twelfth birthday she asks for a diary in which she plans to keep notes of events in her life throughout the year.  Shy adds her yearly stories to a five-year journal received for her twelfth birthday.

There is a bit of history and scientific jargon in this book. However, it is explained in a manner easy to understand.  The relationship Shy has with her grandfather, who is mentioned throughout the book, is a sweet one. The family closeness is one I enjoyed reading.  Another thing I enjoyed was the cultural diversity. It can truly appeal to a variety of young people and their parents. It is a good book for developing an active and creative imagination

This book was gifted to me by the author for review purposes. 


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