“Wisdom Meets Passion”

The book up for review is “Wisdom Meets Passion” by Dan Miller.

This book is broken down to show readers how to use your skills, personalities and passion to give you a sense of meaning for your life. It is not just about going to college, going into debt, graduating and finding that amazing job that we all hear about. Lately graduates are having a tough time out there finding the job that will cement what they been taught their entire life. This is getting a job, working at it for 20-40 years, retire and live happily ever after. But how many of us are really happy at what we do for a living? Does it have meaning, does it fulfill us as day after day?

This book tries to share with its readers way to relook at our lives and how we approach that. It is the hope for the reader to find passion and wisdom and make it mesh together successfully.

One of the things I did not like about the book was the portion that was in light pink ink. It was hard to read especially for someone who has eye issues. When I read this book I needed a lot of light. That took away from it. Another thing that turned me off was the repeated reference to the author’s time in Africa. I get it. You lived there, it changed you and this is how it did so. But to continue to bring us back out of the rhythm of reading to reference your time there slowed the book down.

The author did make a statement that was well received. He said as readers if we find something we do not like in the book don’t put it down. We should explore the entire book for we might find something of use. I had to read the whole novel due to it being one of the conditions to receiving it for free. He was right I did find parts of the book that could work for me. But I would not have read it as quickly if it had been a book for leisure.

I am up in the air about this book. If you as a reader are into self-help books this might be a good read for you. I would not buy it at full price though.


This book was received for free in exchange for two honest opinions.






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