“The Reason”

The book for review is “The Reason” by William Sirls

This is a hard book to review for me. I don’t care what genre or age group the novel is for it needs a hook on the first page. By the end of chapter three I still had not found it. I had no reason to keep on reading it if it was not for the requirement that was placed on me.

The characters gosh there are so many of them it clutters the book. The story line while is good and has potential is never fully developed. Maybe that was the intend. The times there was a passage that I liked and got me excited it would fizzle out and left by the side never to be picked up again. A blind preacher and his wife takes in Alex, a single mom, and her son in who has leukemia. One day Alex and her friend comes across a stranger by the name of Ken who is mysterious in nature. From the day after they meet him strange things start happening that can not be explained logically. The answer is spiritual.

While I am a Catholic and enjoy books that have spiritual overtones to it this one just did not peak my interest.  It is a sweet book but it is lacking in substance.This book was received for free in exchanged for two honest reviews.

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