The River

The book for review is “The River” by Michael Neale

This book is one of fiction that has a touch of religious overtones to it. It is about a young boy who loses his father to the river. At the tender age of five he watches him fall to never return. The trauma of viewing this is inside him as a child and well into his teenage years.

After the death he goes back to Kansas where his mother lives. They stay with a kindly older couple who are farmers. They take in the young boy and mother as family.

Never forgetting what happened Gabriel is withdrawn and keeps to himself even when the kids from school try to involve him in outside activities.

There are times that the sunshine enters him and he is a normal young boy but not for long. After high school a friend pops in and invites him to go river rafting with some other buddies. His friend not taking no for an answer finds Gabriel sucked back into the life of his father and grandfather, river travelers.

Through this experience he comes to learn the truth about his father’s death and also learns about himself as a man

This is a book that can easily be read in a day or two. The only down side to it is one could figure out the ending about three fourths into the book. That for me took away from it.

I received this book for free in exchange for two honest reviews.

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