Cruel Harvest

The book for review is “Cruel Harvest” by Fran Grubb.

This is a book about abuse and cruelty within a family at the hands of the patriarch. It starts off with a family of seven, five children and the parents who are migrant workers. They criss cross the US finding work where it can be found. The mother is a kind soul who love her children but has been beaten down mentally, emotionally and physically by her husband. He does not stop there, he infringes on the children for his beatings.

Everyone is afraid to ask for help for fear of what will happen to the family. The family falls apart as the children try to find ways to get out of this living hell in tact.

This story is one of courage, endurance and leaning on the Lord for strength and help. While this is not an easy topic to talk or write about the author did it well. I could not put the book down wanting to know what was on the other page.

I wish however the book had been a tad longer where the author could have shed more light or gone further in some chapters. But with book being based on her life and opening her world to us what she shared might have been hard to go into further explorations.

I am glad I have had the chance to read “Cruel Harvest”.

This book was received for free in exchange for two honest reviews.

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