“Cooper Moon”

The book up for review is “Cooper Moon:The Calling” by Cheryl Shireman

I read this book in under two days. It was hard to put down. The characters are well-developed. As I was reading the book I kept saying to myself this can not be the only book, there has to be another volume. I had not noticed the whole title of this book. Needless to say I was thrilled to find out this is one of four books in production by this author.

The main character of the book is one Cooper Moon, a handsome man by all accounts. Even the men sees how attractive Moon is. Cooper uses it to his full advantage by stepping out on his wife with the willing ladies of their town.

So when Cooper makes the announcement he has found God, no one believes him, especially his wife Sally who knows him better.

But he takes it a step further. He has it in his head to build a church. The town thinks he has gone batty until he takes the steps to build one on his property.

It seems there is no shortage of jealous husbands who want to see Cooper fail and fully expect him to. He has never amounted to anything, why would this be the exception? No one has faith in him except for a young man by the name of TJ who helps Cooper build his church.

The cast of characters is vast. You as a reader will be bound to hate some, love some, feel sorry for some and others you just root for whole heartedly. I most certainly did. Give this book a read, you won’t be sorry.


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