“Honey the Hero”

The book up for review is “Honey the Hero” by Emlyn Chand.

This book is geared for the age group of 5-7.

Honey the main character is a little young birdie from Australia. She is also curious as she flies all over her home talking and meeting new friends. One day as she is observing some humans she saw on their tv a hero who had a cape.

Seeing the hero fly through the air fighting crime she gets in her head why not her? Flying came naturally to her, she could be a hero also.

Going back home she creates a costume as she had seen the man wear on tv. Ready to go help the world she takes off looking for people in trouble. It does not really matter if they need her help or not, darn it her help will be given.  That is where trouble starts a brewing. While trying to help people out she is getting the animals in her home rather upset with her.

Maybe she isn’t a real hero?

What can I say, loved this book. It is charming and brief enough for a child to get engross in it without being bogged down. A great book for parents to share with their children as it is being read to them.



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