Days with Jesus Part 1 Exploring the Mysterious Life of Jesus through the Eyes of His Best Friend

The book up for review is “Days with Jesus Part 1:Exploring the Mysterious Life of Jesus through the Eyes of His Best Friend ” by Jim Jackson.

I was asked to review this book by Mr. Jackson. As with all book reviews, I take this seriously. This is a Christian based book about Jesus. I will admit most of the times the forward in a book is read fast so I can move on to the actual reading of the novel. But this one made me want to read it again. That alone got me excited to read for that had never happened before.

There is a website that is listed with videos to go along with the readings. That was something I did enjoy for it helped to make the material have a real feeling to it. The videos are shot on location where Jesus would have walked the Earth. That is something that is always amazing to me and with me not being able to visit the sites this is the next best thing.

The contents is broken up into 31 days so a reader can read a chapter a day and reflect on the message without being overwhelmed by the entire book. That is something I really enjoy from devotionals of this kind. As many devotionals that have cross my path I had never come across one that was on the POV of Jesus’ best friend John. That alone makes this book stand out. While the information inside was material I was familiar with the way it was laid out made it a great read. The author took great care in researching his material and wording it in a way to where anyone can learn and get excited about the information that was being presented.

At the end of each chapter, or day, are a list of questions to reflect on what one has read. This is something that I enjoy from devotionals. It gives me a heads up if I got the information or if it needs to be read again. Sometimes in our readings, we go so fast vital words are over looked.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is truly meant for anyone who is interested in learning more about Jesus in a way that is not over powering. My only complaint was the book I reviewed was received in ebook form. A print copy would be a true treasure.

I would be more then happy to review any more of Mr. Jackson’s writings.





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