“Crater” by Homer Hickam

The book for review is “Crater” by Homer Hickam.


The genre for this book is juvenile fiction. The time frame is the distant future to a colony that is living on the Moon. They are miners of Helium-3 which is a form of energy that is sent back to Earth. At this time our home planet has been devastated by war and is desperate for new sources of fuel. The main character of the book is Crater who is a 16 year old who loves his job which is being a scrapper. As an orphan he is raised by a guardian Q-Bess and Crater grows up with her son Petro. While Petro is bored and want to move away, Curve loves his job and being on the Moon.

After saving a fellow coworker one day, the mine owner known as the Colonel takes notices of him and assigns him to a special task. One that means danger and perhaps death.

Not really given a choice in the matter Crater takes on a convey with Maria, the Colonel’s granddaughter to pick up a special package some distance away. With his gillie by his side which is an illegal pet Crater takes off.

This is a perfect book for this age group. It involves action, adventure, space and the unknown.

This book was received for free in exchange for two honest reviews.


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