“The Disenchanted Pet” by Kate Policani

The Disenchanted Pet

Be prepared to be amazed. “ The Disenchanted Pet” by Kate Policani is an incredible piece of fiction.

When I first agreed to read this book I was not sure when I would have time to get to read it but the opening page made me unable to put it down. The main character is Zarah who is living her life happily, safe and in comfort until her world is turned upside down to find what she knew as truth has all been a lie. She lives on Earth that is now run by aliens and is a pet of sorts which she is comfortable with for it is all Zarah knows. Soon she is paired with a young boy by the name of Justin so they can copulate and produce children for the aliens.  That all soon changes when she falls into the hands of those who the aliens deem unfavorable.

The flow and pace of this story had very few hiccups along the way, which made it such a treat to read.

This book makes us think outside the box and out of our norm as readers which says a lot about this author.