“Meet Franklin Bean”

Meet Franklin Bean” by Emmy Swain

This is an amazing children’s book. The book is about a young boy named John. His mother moves the family to a new town due to her job. While exploring his new area John starts to go to the beach but as he is crossing the street he hears a voice telling him to be careful. Looking around and only seeing a dog near him, John realizes it was the dog he heard. Franklin Bean, the dog, introduces himself and shortly afterwards John and his mom adopts the dog.

The story even though it is an ebook has amazing pictures that makes the book flow so smoothly. This book brings out life lessons that a child might come across like crossing the road safely, bullying and how hard it is to move away from all that you know.

This author in how she expresses the words reminds me why I read books from all genre. It is a book for all ages, not just children.

I hope to see more of Franklin Bean

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