“The Future Door” by Jason Lethcoe

The book for review is “The Future Door” by Jason Lethcoe This is the 2nd book in a series by this author. Even though I have not read the first one I was able to read along and not be lost with any of the details. The book is about a 12 year old boy who uses his attention to detail and conclusive reasoning to solve cases quite like Sherlock Holmes did. Griffin lives with his uncle in London who is an amazing inventor. They lived next door to Sherlock Holmes who is now retired and has since moved away. This however does not stop evil doing Professor Moriarty and his nephew Nigel from slowing down. In fact they sped up with their evil doings. Griffin and his uncle travel back to Griffin’s home in the US due to a note saying his parents were kidnapped. While this proves to be untrue it gets them out of the way for their evil counterparts, who are still in London , to break into the home and steal a valuable invention which is a time machine. The book gets in to the scraps and adventures of the young detective and his uncle as they strive to slow down the damages that Professor Moriarty is causing now that he can travel in time. I have not read the first book but I will have to pick it up. This was a delightful read for young children from the age of 9-12 but I enjoyed it immensely This book was received for free by Booksneeze in exchange for two honest reviews.

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