“Surviving Your Serengeti” by Stefan Swanepoel

The book up for review  is “Surviving Your Serengeti” by Stefan Swanepoel

According to the cover this book made the New York Times Bestseller List.  I am not sure why.  The only redeeming quality about this read was the fact I didn’t have to actually pay for it. My main problem with the book was the fact it was unoriginal and quite frankly bland and was like every other novel in its genre.  While it had some good points, it was still just an OK book.  By the time I had read to page 20 I was thinking it was a joke. How could there be a novel this poorly written let alone mind numbing and  painful to sit through? By page 40, I was pondering if reading this untamed mess could  be considered cruel and unusual punishment, but this was a book for review so I was required to finish it.  I am a huge reader of self-help books.  However this book seemed to be a combination of 2 ideas  self-help and fiction. Fiction has no place in a self-help book, this is not a wizard world. Self help books only need to be in reality. When the two were meshed together what one got was a book that did not keep my attention. The flow and transition were not there. Slow glue running down a window sill had more flow then this book. If this books works for others, more power to you, it did not work for me. Honestly I sat back wondering if this is New Yorks idea of a best seller, glad I’m a small town gal.

I received this  book for free in exchange for 2 honest reviews.

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