“A Conversation with God for Women” by Marcia Ford

The book being reviewed is ” A Conversation with God for Women” by Marcia Ford

It is based on 55 common questions that people might have concerning the world.  It also states what God’s answers would be to the questions. Each chapter is based on a separate issue. The question is listed and then the author speaks using scriptures and also what would God and Jesus say in this situation

I for one find it odd ,and some what offensive, that this author would presume to know what God and Jesus would think in this time or any time for that matter.

The scriptures that are brought up do support the answers to the questions for the most part. The author also brings up other people from the Bible and go on to say what their viewpoint is as well. How can that be when they lived so long ago? It is not like she ever met them. Yes, you can go by what is said in the Bible. However this book just did not work for me.

I normally write more in a review but I really could not get into this book. While the intentions were probably good, the end results I did not like.

I would hesitate to recommend this book.

I received this book for free in exchange for 2 reviews.

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