“The Sacred Journey” by Charles Foster

I reviewed “The Sacred Journey” by Charles Foster. I received the  book for free in exchange for 2 reviews.

This book is based on spiritual pilgrimage. It could be to the Holy Land or it could be any place where one gets growth, one gets answers, or where one learns about themselves in a way that is different from when they first started. The point of a pilgrimage is to move. We as humans are not meant to be stationary. We are nomads who wander. With all the technology that has been coming forth, we have learned to be still, to stay inside cities inside walls and just be happy or content with what we have. We don’t venture outside the box to learn and grow. This book brings up passages from the bible mentioning how our forefathers were wanderers. This ranged from Abraham to Moses and than Jesus. Sometimes it is not getting there that is the beauty of the pilgrimage but the experiences you come across with the other people you meet along the way.

Like the other books in this series you get study questions for each chapter to help you see if you got the points of the chapter and also to see what would you do in these situations

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It will be one I will read again

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