“Finding Our Way Again” by Brian McLaren

The book being reviewed is “Finding Our Way Again” by Brian McLaren. This was a rough read for me because many times while reading it, I found my mind would wander off. The author brings forward many good points though out his book. If you are one who has strayed from your faith and you are trying to find your way back, then this might be a good book for you to read.

The main problem I had with the book was the author’s flowery imagery way of explaining his ideas. The point could have been said with less wording. If you stick with the book and keep reading then the points are there to be found. Scriptures are offered in the book to reinforce what the author is saying.

What I really liked was at the end of each chapter was a section labeled spiritual exercises. These exercises showed me how much I understood what was being said and if I needed to go back and reread. Also, at the end of the book is a study guide for each chapter to reinforce what you are reading.

The book does bring to home where you stand, where your relationship is spiritually and how to bring you closer to God. The whole series is amazing.

I received this book for free in exchange for 2 reviews.

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5 Responses to “Finding Our Way Again” by Brian McLaren

  1. Mike says:

    What did you think about McLaren’s theology in this book, namely the “Threefold way”? I look forward to your reply.

    • mainemuse says:

      I deleted my reply by accident, hopefully I can remember what I wrote

      Hello 🙂
      Let me give you some background on me first, nothing to extensive. I was raised Catholic and after high school I drifted away. I been at a point in my life where I am trying to get back.

      The book and the “Threefold Way” is describe in a few ways

      The first fold I called self examination or as the book states the “Way”. This is the first step, one must be brutally honest n their assessment as we discover where we stand with our spirituality, where do we want it to be and how to get to the endpoint. We have a tendency to turn away from God, with the world being as chaotic as it is even in our own backyard we constantly blame or are in denial with our God. But until we do a deep self exam, we can not go forward to the other steps.

      Second fold I call enlightenment the book labels it “Practices”. This is when we put into practice receiving the word of God, the lessons he has left for us, the skills to learn how to grow in and with him. We have to receive his love and his power and when we do the clouds just fades away as we start putting into place in our lives what we are learning

      Third fold in the book is labeled “Ancient” To many have stopped doing the practices of the ancients, we are at a point where the practices of the old ways may be gone forever. This is when we go back and learn the old ways and where we past it on down where we are aligned with God with him through him and in him, where our goals are almost met but we have to keep practicing daily, it is not a one time thing. Where our actions reflects our creator.

      I loved how the author broke it down in these steps. Again it just seems logical the way it is written.

      This was an idea I had not heard or before, “Threefold Way”. It was incredible to read about it and how it breaks down for us, which applies to all of us.
      I liked how he had questions at the end of each chapter and at the end of the book, it helped me see if I had gotten the scope of the chapter or if I needed to go back
      and reread which I had to do a few times.

      • Mike says:

        Sharon, thanks for the email reply and additional comment on your blog. I invite you to check out what I had to say about his “threefold way”, if you don’t mind. I break down what I see is lacking in McLaren’s theology. (Just copy and paste the link to your URL.)


      • mainemuse says:

        Thanks will do after I send this comment

        I appreciate any more insight into this. I like I mentioned not to familiar with “The Threefold Way” as far as it being labeled that, but the practices are similar to me. Maybe if the flowery show of
        words were not so distracting to me I would have got more meaning to the book or maybe see what you saw in it, there were times I just got frustrated with the point being made but using page after page to home in on it. But that is just me 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    Or simply click on the link…I like how WordPress automatically creates the link to click on it. Very simple 🙂

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