“In Constant Prayer” by R. Benson

The book for review is ” In Constant Prayer” by R. Benson. As a Catholic and wanting to learn more about praying, I thought this book would be a good research of information. The author does state repeatedly he is not a professional, not a member of the clergy but in fact a poet and this book is based on research that he has done. The information is basic in the sense that it is easy to understand. I wish though it had been a more in-depth book. It gives you the basis of what is ask of someone who was to pray without ceasing. If one is a spiritual person though it is uplifting to know that all of us fail and that point its okay. It talks about how to get back up and start again. The key point of this book is to start praying. Even if you can’t follow exactly how it has been done in the , point is one has to start. Praying without ceasing is not new. Congregations, clergy, and disciples have been following this path for many centuries and passing it on down to the next generation. However our present generation has seem to drop the ball and it is close to fading away to nothing. The goal of the book is to show what this form of praying can do for us individually and collectively. This author has a series of religious books that I will be looking over for while I wish it had done more in material, it wets my appetite enough to be motivated

I received this book for free in exchange for 2 reviews.

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